April 30, 2017
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There are a wide variety of portable generators that can currently be purchased. Some are more suitable than others for connecting to your house. Generally speaking, many of the lower priced generators are not suitable for connecting to your home. These engine generators do not have sufficient engine durability to power your house during an extended power outage and many have poor power quality output that can damage expensive electronics such as home office equipment, and furnace controls .

To use GenerLink™, you must have a generator that has a four-wire 120/240-Volt outlet with a maximum rating of up to 50 amps and a standard L1420 or L1430 locking or L1450P straight receptacle. These receptacles are most commonly found on portable generators.

When selecting a generator to connect to your house, ensure the generator you select:

  • will not damage sensitive electronic appliances
  • provides the capability to start a well pump or other large motor loads
  • has the necessary four wire 20-amp, 30-amp or 50-amp receptacle required to connect to GenerLink™
As a guide, look for the following characteristics when selecting a generator to connect to GenerLink™:
  • overhead valves, not side-mounted valves
  • continuous rating between 4400 and 7200 watts
  • a peak rating sufficient to start the largest motor you will be running
  • an automatic voltage regulator with voltage regulation of 5% or less
  • low oil shut down
  • 120/240-volt output
  • strongly consider engine generators that have the capability of using natural gas or propane if these fuel options are available at your house

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