April 30, 2017
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GenerLink™ Compatible Generator Guide - 4/28/2015

The following is a list of generators from various manufacturers. The GenerLink transfer switch requires a generator that outputs 120/240 Volts and has either the 14-50, L14-30, L14-20, or 4-wire receptacle. The GenerLink is shipped with a 20 foot cord. Longer cords are available upon request.

NOTE: Generators with Full Panel GFCI Protection (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) comply with OSHA inspections on job sites. However, these generators will not function when connected to a GenerLink since the home or building main breaker box also has a neutral bonded to ground. When both the generator and the home / building breaker box contains a neutral bonded to ground, the generator's GFCI will open and no outlets will function

* Honda EB Series generator is not compatible with the GenerLink Automatic Transfer Switch. Please contact the nearest Honda dealer for information on modification to the receptacle panel.

NOTE: Per the National Electric Code, all generators must have a "floating neutral " when used with the GenerLink Automatic Transfer Switch. Please refer to the generator operation manual for bonded neutral specifications.

List of Compatible Generators: View & Download




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